Dash 8 Q400 in the early morning light | LOWW - LOWI |

I haven’t posted in the #screenshots-and-videos for a short while so sorry if I’m a bit scratchy. Today I flew a early morning flight from LOWW to LOWI which for those who don’t know, LOWI (Innsbruck) has an amazing approach by a mountain. This flight was amazing because mountain and early morning sun look superb.


Server - Expert
Aircraft - Dash 8 Q400
Flight time - 1:06
Route - Vienna to Innsbruck
Enjoyment level - 8.5/10

Enjoy 😉.

This first photo is capturing the sun 🌞 .

Fuel conservation with the one-engine-taxi

Positive rate, gear up (with a nice sunrise)

The suns glow over the snow capped mountains

Capturing the localiser just abiogenesis flight level 100

Short final

The sun light over the mountains which I think looks pretty cool.

We are so little in comparison to the wonders of the earth.

i now realise that the new open beta has been released and everyone is super psyched about that so thanks for clicking on this topic in the first place because it’s one of the blander #screenshots-and-videos topics you would’ve seen today…

Anyway thanks for clicking and I hope you enjoyed 😉.