Dash-8 Q400 Croatia Airlines

I think the Dash-8 Q400 Croatia Airlines should be added. This aircraft’s currently in service in Croatia Airlines and it is certainly a nice and cool plane to fly, I have flown it myself to be honest :)

(Not my picture)

Thanks a lot!


It’s a duplicate. Continue the discussion here

Actually not. This is a livery request, the other was a plane request. Livery requests are separate. This is actually how livery requests were supposed to be requested:)

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I thought I’ve seen other topics like this closed and pushed into the main thread topic

That may have been the A320 thread, which was the exception.

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Doesn’t that rule apply here?

It was all Carson who said I should make new threads for every new feature request

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No, the A320 tracking thread was the last of its kind. It’s very hard for devs to see what liveries are actually wanted, because they’re highly disorganized. I’m sure a mod will pop in soon and clear up the confusion:)

Ok I guess. My mistake, sorry @Samuel123abc


No worries I never knew until today either way.

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Really gorgeous livery. Had it on my list since when the Dash 8 was requested.