Dash 8-Q400 (and variants family)

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I would love to fly the United Q400 on the DEN-EGE route!

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@coffeeband84 I want to see that 😀.

@Rotate Love Porter. Wish they’d switch from EWR to LGA already. EWR is the absolute worst airport to planespot at (Multiple people have been detained, had their SD cards taken), and it really bugs me that an airport located in a separate large city called Newark is considered a New York airport. It’s only convenient for Star Alliance frequent fliers and the businessmen that will slap down huge sums of money in fees to take an NYC TLC cab under the river.

Just a thought…why not QantasLink

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And Airlink for the South African’s!

Looking forward for this! I love the Dash! :)

It’s a prity nice plane

Any of these aircraft would be fine. I would love to see bigger and/ or more propeller planes.


  • United
  • U.S Airways
  • Qantas
  • Air Canada

Great idea! Small props like these are needed for some routes.

Friendly reminder: In a feature request, please refrain from posting pictures. Thanks :)

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Here are some others:
Air Greenland
Air Berlin
Air Nostrum (Iberia regional)
Croatia Airlines
LAM Mozambique
Air New Zealand regional
Philippines express
South African Express

BTW It is Air Canada, not Canada Air.


Yes, Air Greenland😄🇬🇱🇬🇱🇬🇱 I love that livery

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No pictures please @United747

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The company i work for operates the 103 and 106 dash 8. Would absolutely love to see more smaller prop planes for routes

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Great idea. Would love some Dash 8 in Infinite flight

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Ok I’ll be sure not to. Are you an admin?

Ok I’m new to the community so I didn’t know there were no pictures allowed so I took it down.

Not an admin, I’m a regular.

Admins/moderators come with the shield. Regulars are those that help admins or are “junior moderators”. You can read more about it on the discourse explanation of trust levels :).

All of that said, anyone can tell you to follow the feature rules, mod or not.


Thank you for catching that. I’ll be sure to fix it.

Don’t forget the Jetstar Q300. They apparently were transferred from Air New Zealand. But yes!

Can’t forget the Jetstar Q300!


Black New Zealand

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