Dash 8-Q400 (and variants family)


I want the dash 8-Q400 in the game and than I want to have this airlines:

I hope dey eddit it in the game

Bombardier q400
Bombardier Dash 8
Bombardier Dash- 8 100/200 and 300
Dash 8 Qantas
Dash 8 Q400 - Private Livery
FlyBe Dash 8 Q400
Dash-8 Q400 Croatia Airlines
Dash-8 Q400 Scandinavian Airlines
Dash-8 Q400 has been confirmed
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
New airplane

Since it is Canadian built I would hope that they include a Westjet livery :)


I’m sure many people including myself would like to see mor action for the Qantas lovers. There should be a 737-800 livery because seeing as they have 75 in their fleet. The A330-300 deserves it too. Also if another prop Aircraft were to be introduced, please make it the Dehavilland Dash-8 along with the QantasLink livery. Thanks FDS, Keep up the amazing work.


Yeah, I agree with the Qantas A330-300. It’s used on routes to Singapore. But hopefully with the GE CF6 engines (not all A330s have the RR Trent 700)!
About the 737, there are already many liveries for it in the app…
The Dash-8 is great, but I would appreciate more if they reworked the CRJ.


The GE CF6 engines look absolutely HIDEOUS on an A330. Trent all the way.

Lots of requests for Australian liveries lately…

Best, Boeing707


i would to see a few more props like the SAAB 340/2000 or BAE146 & ATR


Would love a Saab 1000 or Some ATR’s


@Joost3008, Dash-8 already has been requested in this thread :) You should move further discussion here.


Alright here’s my wishlist/Here goes:

Horizon Air (At least the normal livery-Please don’t go crazy with the college team sponsorships, etc.)
United Express
Canadian North

. I’ll be back with more if I remember some other desirable liveries.

Long live the DC-9!




Great idea! I’d love to have the Q 400 in the game! :D


I would love to fly the q400 in the game! Nice idea!


any one think that they will add this soon like with in the next 5 updates??? Opinions?


Possibly…I personally would love this ☺️


Yes, i see people on fsx abd stuff and eh makes me wanna fly this so bad. :(beautiful aircraft though👌🏼


So many people have requested it so likely. The also announced a mystery regional aircraft or jet coming soon.


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Gorgeous innit!


Somewhere here, or IFFG or tweeter I did see one of the developer’s say that a Dash 8 will be coming.

After 16 months of flying the 737, I am ready to try something new and looking forward to the Dash 8.


Any of you seen this?

Nok Air greeting from Thailand :D