Dash 8 problems

I had the Dash 8 downloaded. I was flying it, and I changed app for half an hour and then went back on IF. The app restarted, and then when I went to play the app it showed me that the Dash 8 had not been downloaded. When I tap on download it shows this:


What should I do?


Reatore purchases.

Done that and does not work.

You need internet or storage.

I have it. The aircraft gives me the option to download it, but when I tap on download it shows the warning in the picture.

I know,it says check your internet or check your storage space.

Might it be because my internet connection is very slow?

Have you tried restarting your device?

Check your storage space.

Got 12 gb free

Let me try…

Get closer to the internet if its slow.

Nope, didn’t work. I also just have really slow internet.

Settings-General-Reset(in the bottom of the list)-Reset all Settings(***NOT ERASE ALL CONTENT AND SETTINGS***)

How will this Help? Bit worried about resetting the system.

Dont worry, i do this everyday a lot, purchses will stay.
Apple meant here to refresh the system, this will refresh thr sim


Nope, didn’t work.

Try another Wi-Fi

Reinstall the app. Fixes most of the problems. Then just restore purchases.

Thats a myth…

The closer you are to your router, DOES NOT change the speed…

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