Dash 8 Overspeed Gone Wrong

so here’s the question… Which should i trust!?


What do you mean what do you trust?

The alarm or cards?

I only see one indicated speed? So where do you have to choose from?

Which alarm?

And where is the discrepancy between the two?

The overspeed alarm sounds at 248 knots at FL250 while that is the maximum cruise speed on the card at that altitude

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That picture expains a lot…it’s not that it’s even a riddle to solve…study it!

Is exactly 248 kts so what are you saying again? That’s not the cruise speed that’s the VMO (maximum operating speed)

Maby it’s the max airspeed at a certain weight, since I see some weight statistics on that card.

Otherwise I don’t know. Maby a Dash expert could answer it.


Then why does it sound then?

Because you have reached the aircrafts VMO

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I thought it was supposed to sound passed that

So your saying it should sound at 249 not 248?

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Yes that’s what i believe

Ok gotcha that makes sense


just a social experiment
dont worry

I think it starts sounding around 241…which is quite early considering the speed on the placard

What! How is that an experiment!that sound bothers me a lot for the first time i heard it… I thought i wasn’t overspeeding all that time until today!I’ve been cruising at that speed all the time

Are you trying to cruise at the Vmo? That speed is a limit not a target speed.

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