dash 8 lights

Didn’t want to put this in the bug category, yet atleast. Have people noticed a slightly misplacement of the nav lights on both port and starboard side?

Also I was just wondering about the landing lights. There are to lamps on each wing, one is illuminated on IF, are both supposed to be turned on or are they different lamps?

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Known issue.

Not sure what you mean about the landing lights.

Known issue it hasn’t even been out 24 hrs 😂


Beta testers, Brandon, beta testers.


The Q 400 usually counter blinks each set of lights on the wing. So you know port then starboard and what not but yes usually both set of lights illuminate

Wait! Isn’t that what beta testing is for?
When those issues were found in beta, what are they still doing here?


I also mentioned this on the A320 Family. Only wingtip fence versions are affected though.

He was an Exterminator, Brandon. He knows all.

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They thought we weren’t as smart and thought know one will realise it so they slipped it In … Now they are very scared !

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LOL! :D :D

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