Dash 8 Landing video

Is it okay that way? Thanks for your feedback.



ups… sorry. The video isn’t online. Damn…
but now it´s online.

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Nice landing!!!

Good video, nice work!

Very good landing the gear kissed the ground like a feather on your skin.

No flare?
Keep the nose below the horizon and raise it by 1° or 2° once you hear the callout “10”.

There was a flare…

I loved your landing! Perfect example on how you should land the Dash. Do you mind me using your video in my Dash 8 Q400 landing guide? Here’s the thread:

No, there was absolutely no flare.
He simply kept his +2° pitch attitude from the beginning of the video till touchdown, which is the wrong landing technique for this aircraft (I agree that it was pretty smooth, but that’s not the right way to land the DH8D).

Of course you can use the video.
Thanks dude!

Nice landing! If you want to record sound, make sure to have the microphone enabled in the settings tab.

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