Dash 8 landing tutorial with video

If you don’t know how to takeoff. Hang on there for a sec, look at this first

Welcome back to this landing tutorial.

Takeoff and cruise is pretty easy. In this tutorial, please still refer to my takeoff tutorial for the weight settings.

The Dash 8 isn’t a great plane for decending, so plan your decend earlier to ensure your nose is up. Slowing down also help.

Flaps setting(Not professional, just my way of doing it).
Flaps 5 at 4500
Flaps 10 at 10NM away

Flaps 15 at 4-5NM away

Moving back to landing, gear should be down at around 8NM

Speed is critical to a good landing, so here we go

When you are at flaps 5, stay at around 160 knots.
At flaps 10 around 140
When you put your gear down, 130
Flaps 15 should be 125

Flaring(Must Read)
This is not a airbus that does 50 40 30 20 retard, you need to apply thrust for it to flare properly.

After reaching 50 feet ASL, flare bit by bit, don’t pitch up more than 5 degrees, and maintain thrust(no more than 40) to not let the speed drop too much

Slamming the nose to the ground is the last thing you want to see before ending your flight which is going well.

Retract thrust bit by bit until your nose is down, fully. Then start the reverse thrust(no more than 80) to 60 knots and use breaks for the final bit, exit runway and continue like you will do on a normal plane.

Video is coming along nicely…

If you love these tutorials and you need help with a certain plane, leave a comment below and I’ll help you out.


Very good tutorial I need to take mental notes for the next video I make of the Dash 8.

Is a little rough on the rear. Good luck with the youtube channel BTW.

If you guys have questions comment down below and I’ll help you

Referring to the video:
• Early Flare.
• Too high Flare angle.
• Do not use the throttles to avoid the nose gear to bump (extremely unrealistic).

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I do agree with that, and if I was really picky, I think you should have been a bit more to the centre of the runway. But that is very picky :)

Well done anyway for the guide and I hope you don’t mind me using it for this post

You can’t land the Dash8 normally without applying slight thrust. But this is just my way of doing it

There’s still ways I can improve… The Dash8 isn’t my favourite plane in terms of control

Not to blow the topic up but you definitely do not add power in the flare, Laurens is right [quote=“Laurens, post:4, topic:29820”]
• Do not use the throttles to avoid the nose gear to bump (extremely unrealistic).

You drive it down to 50 feet, start your flare. If you’re light chop the power and you will plant the gear nicely but if you’re heavy just ride the flare down with whatever power you have set.

If it’s a crosswind use less flaps fly in a bit of a “crab” and then use rudder once you’re over the threshold.

I agree though, -8 is fun.

I can.
Make use of the Ground Effect.

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@HV9690… MaxSez: Well done again Ian. Note the video approach/final speed and Flap setting. 120-110Kts, chopped throttle at flaps 15’. (As noted with this particular type increased thrust, just a tad in any configuration will bring the nose up.) Weight and Balance must also be considered. Load the forward pit heavy, that extension tube slapped on the 400 shifted the center of gravity aft, alway check the graph for V’s based on gross loading. Note: A suggestion Ian, save me the hassle; consider doing a Tutorial on the 8’s unique Spoiler System. (No in flight spoiler extension (speed braking/stability/Stall), Flight/Taxi spoiler switch vice handle etc.). “Do Good Work”


I will certainly learn from it

@Maxmustang thanks for that, inprovement is needed but I am improving everyday. I’ll make one about that soon :)

UPDATE: Main post edited thanks to @Laurens and @Steve_ri

very hard touch

I usually land my 777-200ER on Autopilot because when I take it off AP it goes into almost a nose dive. Do you have a video on how and when to properly disengage AP on a 772ER for landing?

Perfect solution! Calibrate the device again and then disable the autopilot. It works all the time for me :)

Can I ask when do you disable the autopilot?

That’s my problem, I disable after I calibrate

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Hold your device like how you calibrated it. So it stays at that level, disengage it when your nose is align with the horizon

Your left hand should be on your throttle, maintaining the speed

If you look inside the cockpit to the left of where you sit. Zoom in and it gives you the info on the speed you should be flying at for when you put the flaps down