Dash 8 Landing Light Problem

Hi guys, this morning I was flying in a Q400 and I noticed that it has 2 light bulbs for each landing light, but only one turns on.

This is a small thing, but I think this sim should be as realistic as possible. To make sure I was right, I found a picture of a real Q400, and it does indeed have 2 bulbs in each light.


Maybe the devs thought it would be unnecessary to add both landing lights, as one set of landing lights is fully sufficient for Infinite Flight. Just my thought though.

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For me, it’s not really what’s sufficient, it’s what looks more realistic.


Fair point. Realism is something to strive for.


I have noticed this since they begun to develop the plane…


It could be the fact that the lighting is actully a decal, so it could be ontop of each other.

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I’m confused, how do decals emit light?

It could be the Decal, and then the decal has properties and values on it.

And the landing lights procude lights for IF?

Lights in IF are simply a floating ball of light that is attached to the plane. They’ll have to add another floating ball of light to simulate another light being there.


You just answered your own quesition on how decals emit light…

But the decals themselves do not emit light, it is a separately rendered entity.

Known issue. Not a bug. Just a detail that we are aware of and may make future improvements to.


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