Dash-8 landing competition @ Amsterdam - 12030ZAPRIL16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: Unknown

Time: 2030Z

NOTAM: come to the Amsterdam region in a dash-8. Also have fun! To win, you have to have a good approach, a smooth landing and stay on the centerline of the runway. The winner will receive bragging rights. Since we have not picked an airport you can pick one down in the poll bellow.

  • Antwerp
  • Rotterdam
  • Brussels south
  • other (list below)

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I would love to do it at Brussels South, I don’t see many people fly to that airport


I’m gonna come in my South African livery

Im Comic in airberlin

I want to fly at Rotterdam or at Schiphol, thats my opinion

Is it possible to move this event to a later time, I want to attend but this is way too early for me. (4:30AM) if you don’t want to move it that’s ok, I can just wait until you plan another event later :)

@carmalonso look, another thing I can beat you at


I hope the weather is safe

I can’t. Wish I could but I have school.

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Thanks anyways

The event is tomorrow don’t forget!

holy mother I need to practice

If you have school you should just do it on Saturday, April 2nd.

I’ll come but you haven’t chosen an airport yet,

Same! Are you South African? I am!

Isn’t this suppose to be starting?

Dunno, I saw noone there.

Its was almost 2 hours ago at 0830Z. No one around

I know. I was there at that time.

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I am sorry but I have messed up the time. The event was really supposed to be at 2000Z I am very sorry. The event will be tomorrow at Rotterdam. Once again I am very very sorry.