Dash 8 hard to control with autopilot

So I was doing pattern work at London City on the advanced server and I noticed the Dash 8 was struggling to stay at 1600 ft. It kept bobbing up and down. I set the speed to 130 and I was gradually slowing down. Is this because of wind? Thanks.

What was your weight?

If your speed is set to 130, your indicated air speed should stay around 130. If your groundspeed was slowing, then your headwind was increasing.

I had no passengers on board. I was underweight. @AR_AR So I should have increased my speed?

If you wanted to increase your groundspeed, then yes.

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No not at all anything to do with the wind. A good example of what is happening, is the B717. You’re speed must be high when on autopilot or it will as you said start jumping up and down.

I recommended using only small speeds when autopilot is off. With autopilot use speeds between 130-280kts. With pattern work I recommended 180.

Happy Landings!

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I’ve pretty much mastered the Q400. And in patterns in don’t really use autopilot. But I have noticed the nose movement a lot. It happens when the plane is try to reach set altitude on autopilot. Your speed should be 140-150 which works well and 5 degree flap. But I keep my plane weight around 37% load.