Dash 8 flight group

There’s a group of guys in Amsterdam on the Advance server with Dash 8, anyone knows whats that about ?


There a group of people that fly together, you can join them…

Just shoot them a PM!

Happy flying!

It’s IFAE’s #LongHaulMonday

@Jay757 right behind ya bud. great job on the spacing

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Thanks !!
I enter the Server and saw them, so I join them, in a 767, lol

Thanks men !!
I saw you guys so I copy the flight plan and join

try and maintain 10nm so that we can avoid go around on final. i’ll maintain 10nm behind you as well

Roger that !!

do you mind spawning in a air berlin dash so that you’re not the odd man out once we land lol

Sure, ok !

Why the HELL were there so many bloody Dash 8s?!

Let’s play a game. Spot my aircraft…


Nice picture !

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Hey buddy, you mind sending me a PM. Nice flight by the way! Glad you joined us.

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I would’ve ghosted you for ruining he picture 🙄


I would’ve ghosted me too…

Did You received it ?

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I wish you would have, oh well lel

Get out Robert… 😂

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Don’t speak directly to Rob


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