Dash 8 Delivery Flight @ KSFO - TBA

Server: Any (I’ll be on Freeflight)

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSFO

Time: TBA

NOTAM: We’ll be flying the brand new Dash 8 that the devs have amazingly been working on by doing a circuit flight around the SF region (since the devs work at KSFO). The date will be announced when both iOS and Android receive the update. Most of all…enjoy! ✈️😉🙂


A hint so that you will not be really sad that FNF stole your thunder( @htchngs) …keek it like week after the FNF

This belongs in #live until there is a certain date and time when the event will occur

Thanks, I didn’t know that

No worries!

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Maybe make this kinda like the FNF, a all server event so others could enjoy?

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