Dash-8 Cruising speed

Could someone tell me what is the cruising speed for the dash-8? (in IAS kts)


We used to use about 200kts at FL250 for economy. Otherwise just let it go flat out, 5 or 10 knots below VMO.

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The maximum cruising speed for the dash-8 is 300kts IAS. Should I cruise at that?

You can, but it’d be very inefficient. Like going M0.9 in an airliner.

Edit: @Philippe_Gilbert The topic Escort linked said the optimal cruise speed is 210-240 KIAS

So what speed should I cruise at?

A helpful hint:

When flying the Dash 8 you can find the cruising speeds on the left of you in the aircraft cockpit

It’s something like M 0.54?

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I usually cruise around Mach .53

@Philippe_Gilbert FPLtoIF.com actually shows optimal aircraft speeds as a part of the flight plan SimBrief generates. This is what was suggested for KCLT-KATL:

M0.52, which at FL200 is 232 KIAS (in current conditions).

The Dash 8 doesn’t fly at a Mach number. It hasn’t got a Mach meter.

No need to break this stuff down in yet another topic :)