Dash 8 cockpit bug

The plate with speeds and altitudes etc. for the dash 8 on the right side has a blue patch. I included a picture below.
IOS 9.3.1
iPhone 5s
Open any dash 8 livery and look at the plate on the right hand side.

That’s the first officer’s seat. If what you’re talking about is the gray patch in the middle, then I understand.

Not able to reproduce.

iPhone 6
iOS 9.3.1
Airplane quality set to “High”.

Can you state the device too?

The phone is an iPhone 5s

Mine was okay and it was a 5s.

That looks like Z-fighting. Perhaps increasing the airplane quality adjusts the polgon count (and position?) inside the cockpit and partially hides the panel as a result.

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Known issue, thank you.