Dash 8 bug?

Does anyone have the issue where everything seems to be over sensitive, this is specifically with the dash 8. When taxing I end up sliding around in circles, and when flying the slightest movement changes my entire flight. This is just wth this plane, my other planes work fine ?

How fast are you taxiing?

4-5 knots ground speed, I was going slow, just testing it out as I just updated the game. Another thing was pushback seemed extremely fast, even with brakes on it was going at least 25knots

Brakes can’t be on during pushback. When brakes are on, and then you press pushback the brakes deactivate until you stop the pushback

Not with the dash 8? Maybe it’s a bug I have personally

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No. You’re doing something wrong.


Can you show a picture of the brakes on whilst pushback for confirmation please :)

I promise you, I just started up the game and did what I would usually do in any other plane. I use a nvidia shield which dare I say could be seen as a ‘unsupported decide’ since its android and nobody has really heard of it, for some devices thing work different, so instead of critising like that, try say something constructive which would genuinely help out people with the same issues

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That’s only you I think, I didn’t have any problems with it, other than it being sensitive in crosswinds, but that’s expected. The pushback was normal for me and the taxing was smooth as well.

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That’s not the way to help out

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Do you have nvidia shield?

No, I’m on a Galaxy S4, did you try restarting the app?

I suggest comparing with another android user of your device :) So you could know if it’s specifically your device, or the device itself for everyone

The app just deleted itself, it kicked me out of the game and deleted, maybe Matt is rolling out a new update fixing some bugs?

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PM him if you feel it’s a problem

Probably, did you see how may #bugs and #support topics were about the update? (I believe there were 3 or so :) )

I’m chatting to him at the moment, I’m not having a go at anyone, I just wanted the devs to be aware


Oh no, I understand, I wasn’t suggesting that


So get used to the new physics :)

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You can even make a 360 during flight