Dash 8-300 US Army

Saw that alot of Dash 8 Q300 requests has already been done, but none of them was for this beauty!

Not a fan of Dash 8’s but this one is simply ravishing!

Credits to: Graham (Flickr)


I’m a big fan of this livery. Hope to see the Dash 8 Family


it is beautiful, big fan too! maybe more Bombardiers will come to IF with time, CRJ’s and CSeries ;)


I didn’t the US Army operated the Q.
That’s pretty cool!


I love bombardiers, this looks so cool on the Q, also didn’t know they operated these!


I’ve worked with that bird… FYI it wasn’t the army

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Very cute, would love Air Force liveries for it!

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Air Force liveries looks great on Dash 8’s I admit!

That looks livery looks badass! Would be fun to fly it. What sort of flights does it do?

It looks so so so slick!

What do They use them for?

I love the Dash-8 (after @DeltaCRJ-900 helped me see the light) and this livery makes me love it even more! Sadly I’ve never seen one in real life (thanks KMSP)

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I’ve flown on the real dash 8 a lot, love that plane!

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Oh that’s a beauty, the U.S army’s gray scheme on this unique plane is pure gold to me.