DARKY’s ATC tracking thread [CLOSED]

Hello everyone, I hope you’re going well. I will do some ATC to upgrade my ATC skills, I will do Ground and Tower or Approach. I will be present on 2 airports:
Changi Intl (WSSS)
Marseille Provence (LFML)
See you guys

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Okay… So I was in the TBM and here’s my feedback: First of all, you have plenty to learn! For that I recommend you the IFATC training video series on the YouTube channel of IF! Also you can read through the ATC manual available to understand all of the important rules and no gos (I will mention some of them).
So, what did you do wrong?

  1. You operated the runways in two different directions… That’s not allowed at any time and should be avoided even if you don’t see any conflict! (So in this case only the 02s or the 20s)
    Second: I requested taxi but you told me to pushback. That’s normally the right move if an airliner requests the same since they often need pushback, BUT: a TBM hasn’t a pushback feature so even at positions pushback is normally required you just tell them to taxi. Also there are stands for aircraft where pushback isn’t needed, so I would recommend you to familiarize with all the parking locations before opening to know where pushback is required.
    Next is a thing that you didn’t particularly did wrong but is important to know when controlling busy airports: Before me, a A330 departed but after he started his takeoff roll you told me to line up and wait. In this Situation it’s important to compare different airplane speeds. If in this case a TBM wants to depart after an A330 you can just clear the TBM for takeoff when the A330 starts his takeoff roll, since it’s obvious that the A330 will be off the runway before the TBM starts her takeoff roll and it’s obvious that the TBM won’t catch up to the A330 since he is a lot faster.

Next: You don’t have to give a plane remaining in the pattern every time a traffic direction because you gave him a pattern direction in his takeoff clearance, as long as it doesn’t request a runway change ( there you have to give a traffic direction in the first clearance again).

The next thing is: A plane in your pattern always needs a clearance for the option! After my first clearance I had to announce go around twice because you didn’t clear me for my touch and go… Also if there are more than one plane in the pattern you also have to sequence them every time of required!

Besides the fact that the Singapore Aircraft requested transition even tho it wasn’t needed you cleared his transition at or above 10000ft. Normally a transition is given at 2500ft + Airport elevation rounded up to the next thousand. In this case since Singapore is at 22ft you would clear a transition at 2500 ft.

This is all that pops into my mind for now. I would really recommend you to look at tutorials regarding ATC before applying to IFATC to prevent you from failing!

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Thanks you for the advices, about the runways, I scheduled to use the 02’s because the wind was at 210° but the Scout A319 won’t go to 02L, he asked me 5 times to change runway it I told him check runway assignment and stop avoid duplicate messages

Yeah I understand that since you can’t take action against those people on TS but you also let some takeoff on the 20s while I was doing pattern on the 02s

IFATC training Manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OsRxPfmO3PYwNfQGUulbtNJ2IMxZhjDG/view?usp=drive_open
YouTube playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPK_42U0EhIfsC6cU503Zwda4ZcurnPSt

I apologise but the Singapore 871 was clear to taxi to 02C and he taxi to 20C, I told him to check runway assignment and he asked me 3 times to change his runway, I was not able to do something against him

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Okay I got it, but don’t forget the other things! I saw you are in NSV. For further information just contact me there in Slack (I’m Maximilian)

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