Darkeyes' ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Probably last session before my practical. Please stop by!

Status: closed
ATIS: use the 04’s

Please do patterns and inbounds


I’ll come by for some quick pattern work.

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Thanks for controlling! Sorry about my terrible bouncy landings, I’m still getting used to the cessna haha.

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Thanks for coming! If you have any advice, please let me now.

I’m still open for another 15 min in case anyone else wants to come.

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Just opened at KAUS. Please do patterns and inbounds!

Got 14 knots of tail + cross wind on 35 opts.

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Yeah that’s fine. I;m going to be opening for another 20 min if anyone else wants to join.

I’m in my way to help @darkeyes! I will be with you in just 5 minutes! Can’t wait to help you succeed!

About to close, sorry. But can I @ you next time I open? (around the same time tmrw)

No thanks but if I see you open again I will pop by.

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You did great! Didn’t spot any mistakes nor do I have much input to give out. Though, I’d love to join your future sessions. Could you possibly @ me the next time you open? Appreciated, thanks!

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Yes, will do!

opened at LFPG. Please do patterns and inbounds!


Im coming in my friend. :)

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Would love to come, but busy atm unfortunately. Might stop by later. Otherwise feel free to tag me next time!

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Hey should I come down?

Yeah that would be great!

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On my way!

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Were was my exit command? Did you got distracted?

(I was N757MX)


Yeah i didn’t realize you were stopping