Darkened Background for Glidescope Missing


Prior to IF 19.1 release, there was a darkened background when the glidescope became active on approach.

Now this is not darkened, but in the replay it is.

Can this please be reintroduced? For the visually challenged the darkening is quite important and useful for clear visibility.

Thank you.

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Can you show us a screenshot of what you’re referring to? I’m not aware of anything darkening when the glidescope is active, since if you have a glidescope selected, it’s active, whether you’re in line with it or not. I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to.


Thank you Tim for your reply.

Attached is the screenshot of what I am referring to. The darkened background for the glide scope ribbon.

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I don’t remember there being a shaded background there. Would you mind showing a screenshot of your HUD in replay so we can understand what you’re talking about?

Do you mean that the “ribbon” is now clear see-through, completely hollow and does not have a slightly darker tint to it as in the screenshot above?

Yes Capt JR, that’s what I mean. Thank you.

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There are slight differences between the iOS and Android HUD views. One of them is the slight shading of the glide slope area.

Also keep in mind that the tutorial has very old screenshots which were made many versions ago.




I very much appreciate your photos of the Hud and explanation. Thank you.

What is puzzling is I used to see this on IOS as well before and I can’t get any photos to show it.

Anyway, thank you. Kindly close this.