Dark Stormy Crosswind Arrivals at KSEA!

Hello, IFC,

I’m back with another spotting topic!

These were taken last night.

T’was a dark and stormy night, which made for some fun crosswind arrivals during the weekend heavy rush!

Let’s get going!

First off, this AA 737 gleaming in the golden hour after a flight from KDFW.

Next this Dash-8, which is clearly the chosen one.
This picture means a lot to me, as the airplane represents me going through life and the upcoming rain in the background represents the endless pain of the 9 months of rain that have just started in Seatt… nevermind this isn’t art class sorry about that

But it still started to rain on me after that shot.

The loud and whistling 747 coming in on short final.

A fun little silhouette shot!

Some nice condensation from the flaps

A 737 with your daily dose of birb.
Almost got a bird strike two times in a row ._.

The Prime Air (Amazon) 767-300 having a rough time with the wind. This is when it started to really pour on me and my camera :(

My amazon package on short final

This is interesting because @AviationFreak shot this plane as it took off from KPHX, and I spotted it while it landed at KSEA. (Not planned)

Finally, a fellow plane spotter that was spotting the 747 with his phone but then… whipped out… a DSLR… for the other planes…
visible confusion

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalright thank you for watching, expect a part 2 in the near future, but for now, stay safe, wear a mask and stay strong :)

Btw kudos to a tree because I was able to hang my umbrella on it’s branches and take pictures without me or my camera being wet so repeat after me: Thank you tree!

Thank You!


Good photos

Love the Asiana Cargo



you get:


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Nooo I wasn’t first :(

The cool photos cheered me up though :)



but Discourse quality strikes again!

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@AndrewWu I never even told you that I would be posting but you still got 3rd like?

Aww thanks @JulianB for fixing the typo in my title :)

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He has post notifications on for spotting that’s why. We are always giving him grief about it lol.


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Gotta love the Seattle weather and traffic am I right?? lol, great shots!

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me after noticing that he liked my topic



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You forgot my picture :(

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No I said you post your picture so you get clout for the work you did ;)

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No worries, always glad to help! Some rather nice pictures as well, especially great to see an active 747!

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Lmaooo! I understand tho, however, when it rains, it snows!!

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