Dark Mode Option?

While I was doing the advanced tutorial by discobot, it mentioned something about a dark mode and that I can change it in my preferences. However, I can’t find this option. Has it been removed, or am I not seeing it?

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The owner of the discourse server can turn it on for all of the users. I don’t think users can control it for themselves

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Just did the advanced user tutorial, again, but it didn’t mention it. It is most likely what @darkeyes said. Maybe a moderator can confirm…

It is turned off, and I know where the theme options are but not available.

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Where’s the option on Android?

Edit: Unless you mean the system-wide night mode.

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Yeah. I mean all system night mode

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Fair enough. Thought there was an app / setting for discord. :)

I remember discobot! My favorite.

On iPhone, you can go to Settings-general-accessibility and then scroll all the way down to Accessibility shortcut, it lets you use a sorta dark mode called smart invert, if you enable the “shortcut” if you triple click the home button (or power button on iPhone X)

Just a way to use darkmode if you want! I hope that the mods make the option available here, soon :)

I have dark mode 😎

The Dark Mode that discobot is referring to is a system wide option that lets you change your theme color. This has not been enabled by IFC admins. There are a number of customization that have been made to the community so discobot and discourse documentation may not apply to everything we have.

There may be some various dark themes available from ios/Android but that applies to the device and not specific to IFC.

Hope this helps.


Thank you, topic can be closed

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