Darius_Glover ATC tracking thread KATL (Closed)

I would like some feedback on my controlling

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I have I’m working with Trio. He told me to create this thread

I’m just trying to join Ts1 ATC

Hey man! @Darius_Glover the tracking thread is where you’d post when and where your open for practice and whatnot. I think the screenshots they were requesting go to someone’s PM. But it’s cool, you didn’t know 😎


Yeah. That was my fault.

Hey @Darius_Glover happy to see you trying to get some feedback on your controlling. When ever you are open if you could list the airport on TS1 where you are opening, it would allows us to know where you are controlling so we can come and do patterns for you! You can even update this thread on where you are open in addition to the tracking thread. Look forward to flying some patterns for you.


Ok. Thanks a lot. I’ll definitely keep that in mind!

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@Darius_Glover heading down now

I’m off now. Will get back on tomorrow

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Make sure to change your thread to closed when finished, thank you.

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He’s been doing that already…

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