Dantorp Aviation next on FlightCast!

Hey FlightCast fans!

If you haven’t heard of Dantorp Aviation yet, click that link to check out Daniel’s YouTube channel and start binge watching (you’re welcome)! Daniel is a 19 year old professional airline passenger (I know right… what!!!) who has turned his passion for aviation into a job on YouTube!

I’m excited to be interviewing him on the next episode of FlightCast and the interview is this Thursday. Please comment with your questions, and if possible, make sure you know his work before commenting, please.

Special Shout out to @MishaCamp for the recommendation on this one!


What was your most exciting/memorable flight?

P.S I’m a huge fan ;)


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How far in did you make the decision, “I want to do this for a living?”
-The Tish

Which airlines do you think have the best economy, business and first class seats? Which one is the best overall?

What’s the best airline you’ve been on ?

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  1. What is your most favourite aircraft you’ve flown on?

  2. What do you enjoy to do during a flight?

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I’ve watched a lot of his videos and even used audio from one.

  1. My question is how many flights have you done this year?

  2. How many places have you been too.?

  • Mustached Bulba

What is your favorite plane to fly on

What got you interested in aviation?

What was your longest flight.
(Andres Celis)

Which Airline (that you’ve been on) provided the best and friendliest service?

  • Patrick
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What are your plans for the future? Future career, college etc?

From John Gerard Killeen

Do you play Infinite Flight?

The Gaming Techs on YT


I’ve watched him for a long time and he is amazing.

What does your family think of your job?
What was your favorite city you visited? Why?

-Cameron Brown

Wow! Dantorp on FlightCast? I never thought I would see a famous aviation Youtuber on the cast!

My questions are…

1: How do you afford to fly so frequently?

2: Do you play any aviation related games?

~ Don Francis


FlightChops is pretty famous if you ask me. ;)

  1. Favourite thing to do on a flight?

  2. Is there anything you do on a flight that you always do?

What are your best tips for getting over jetlag? 🙂

— Misha


That’s an interesting question, which I would guess that many of us would like to know the answer to. I always drink a cup of coffee after a flight ;-;

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