Dantorp Aviation Channel - A Personal Favourite

Hey guys,

I thought I would share with you guys an favourite aviation channel of mine that I have been following for a while. It is a mix of trip reviews, flight videos, airline profiles (new) and spotting videos. The channel is Dantorp Aviation for those interested. The creator of the channel has even promised to check out Infinite Flight! Pretty cool for someone with over 15 million views!

Check out a few of my personal favourite videos of his:

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Same here! My favourite video was the last KLM MD-11 flight review.

I just watched that the other day! I think I may have even got a tad sentimental…

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I’ve seen almost all of his vids. Vey good use of my free time!

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Yeah! My eyes started filling up! (Lol)

Awesome channel! Cheers.

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I love his A380 vids and the finnar review :)

Haha yeh. I like how he actually shows himself too unlike lots of channels!


Does this person make money for these aviation videos

Yes. As far as I am aware he can now find his flights from the videos. (Don’t hold me to that)

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It’s my favourite too