#DankeTXL EW006/007 @Berlin-Tegel

Hi everyone and welcome to this #screenshots-and-videos topic! While I will not have as motivational and inspiring words as @Thunderbolt recently on his topic, this is a rather special post nonetheless as it’s about my last flights in IF to/from Berlin-Tegel, which will close this weekend.

Berlin-Tegel is an airport of huge importance to the people of Berlin and one of the most unique airports with its hexagon terminal.

But now let’s get to the pictures, I hope you will enjoy them!

Flight details

Expert Server
Night flight, but time altered to today afternoon for better pictures.

Landing speeds calculator

Also big thanks and a well earned shoutout to @Tep_NEMO for his great performance calculator, with the following values of the final landing in Tegel:

A319/320 flight planner, speed, PNR and LSPD calculator

The old and the new: With Air Berlin’s bankruptcy, Eurowings is now one of the biggest players in Berlin:

Tegel’s unique location close to the city center can be perfectly seen when approaching via the north:

#DankeTXL: One last look at the hexagon that is the main terminal building and the unique apron at Tegel. Soon to be history, but a sight to remember!

I really hope you enjoyed the topic and would highly appreciate your comments! Enjoy Berlin and the great IFATCs this weekend!


Great job Julian! Sad to see the end of that airport, but great pictures!

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Tegel will join Tempelhof and many other airports in the history books. It will be gone, but certainly not forgotten. Great photos!

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Thank you very much!

Absolutely, certainly one for the history books! Thank you!

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Sadly, I was never able to experience flying in/out of Tegel, let alone Tempelhof, but I do believe both Berlin airports really do deserve recognition! Nice post!


Never flew into either IRL either sadly (and never been at one of those living just 1:30h away from Berlin), but it’s definitely something more than emotional for many.

Was very special and emotional for me to watch the opening of the BER anyways :)

I was glad and happy I was able to fly tonTegel one last time in late september. Allthought its defenitely not the best capital-city airport, I will miss TXL. so unique and the Approach/Departure out of it always knew to impress me.

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Im a boeing fan and I still think a320s are beautiful planes

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As long as I have Munich Airport next to me I’m fine 😇

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Nice very cool

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Nice shots bro ! Me personally, I’ll fly there too when easyJet A320 gets added, so I can finally follow IRL on IF… (They shot some vids and others days ago at BER ! )

I really appreciated your first screenshot btw ! 🇩🇪

I meant this livery, not the old one…

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From all I’ve seen and heard about TXL this is something many feel. Very cool that you had the chance for a goodbye flight!
Also the approach/departure is even rather nice in IF with the city in sight so I can only imagine the views you described IRL being even better! Thank you!

They absolutely are ;)


It was a more than welcome coincidence, glad you liked it! Thank you!

I can imagine ;) Thank you for the comment!


Also big thanks and a well earned shoutout to @Tep_NEMO for his great performance calculator, with the following values of the final landing in Tegel:

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@JulianB Great pictures, thanks for sharing!
Sad to lose one airport, but a new one is here, that’s life!
Best of luck and happy flying!
Ps: I am happy seing you keep using my little calculator! So do I!

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Definitely is, thank you very much!

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Tegel served very well the years it was in service. I remember myself, the first, and actually last… only time… I ever stepped my foot down there. It’s one certainly for the history books and one to not be forgotten!

It’s sad and unfortunate to see it close, but as time moves forward, we have to accept and move forward ourselves, and in the making of so, open the ways for what’s to come next, now with Brandenburg opened, which I hope will live up to, continue Tegel’s legacy and serve well for the years to come.

And of course, excellent pictures Julian, I must say, original, and perfect just way they are, and taking a special liking to the first last picture, but not to say, that other’s aren’t good, which they very much are too ❤

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Thank you very much for the kind words @Captain_JR, much appreciated!!

It definitely is and it’s great that the main building will be preserved as its has been protected as architectural heritage!

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