Daniel's Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 (Airbus A220 Series) Livery Thread

Looks awesome! Thanks for working on it 😊


The Weirdest Livery I have made all day. Not as impressive as the other liveries I have made.
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[N871WM] Walmart Air Cargo Operated by FedEx Express CS300F Cargo Airliner Concept

Cough I work at Walmart Cough


Reminds me of a concept airline you’ve done before. Like Suncountry or something like that. I like this concept however,


I do a lot of concept drawings. Airplanes, Cars, and even airlines.

I usually draw airlines that don’t exist as just a concept, such as the CS300F. It’s not a real airplane, is based of the CS300, but just converted it to a cargo airliner version as a concept.

[N1TG] “Spirit Of Laura Laban” Bombardier CS100 VIP

I really have outdone myself with this, and this is just so cool!

As a big thank you for Bringing Infinite Flight to where we are today, I Decided to create this Livery that is found on the B787, and make it from scratch and make it fit the Bombardier CS100 VIP! It is not the most perfect livery, but I made it as close to the original as possible.

If you are wondering how I got the Logo, I actually had to make the Infinite Flight Logo from scratch.

This Bombardier CS100 is named after the Main Developer Laura. I Named it “The Spirit of Laura Laban”, just because of how much spirit and dedication she puts into making Infinite Flight a great Sim on Mobile Devices.
Thanks for the great Sim, and thanks for the Community for always supporting the Development of Infinite Flight! A Big thanks to the Moderators for always keeping this Community as civil as possible as well.

I hope you like it! :)

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As I have said before post here and yes people do use the same software there as you are here. @Chris_S even liked my post one time I told you. Sorry for tagging you by the way.

Yes, but that is for Multiple Aircraft Manufacturers, and I am only doing One type of airplane and I make them out of scratch so I can then create my very own liveries.

Plus that uses Multiple Software and I stick to one, and look, I just like sharing my creations in one centralized area because that is just how I like to do things. If you do not like it, then just flag the topic and a Moderator will close it if they think it’s not necessary, and I will no longer make topics, or airplane drawings similar to this in the future.

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Why you gotta be a party pooper…there’s always one of em. Shame.


I don’t have a problem with the drawings but I am saying to post them elsewhere.

Sorry to bug you but have you finished the Korean Air yet? If not please take your time!

Well, he wants a thread to showcase his amazing drawings so let him have it! If the mods really think it needs to be closed it’s their job not yours and it would be closed by now. Like @SkyHighGuys said don’t be a party pooper!!!

Oh shoot! I’ll have to do it when I wake up later today (It’s 12am in the eastern US)

Actually want to make it now, but am so tired.

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Hello, Can You Make TAROM CS Please? Thanks!

Ah ok, no rush! Hope to see it soon!! (:

[HL8092] Korean Air Bombardier CS300, From a Real CS300 and is currently in service

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Thanks SOOOOOO much it looks AMAZING! @Daniel_Cerritos

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[YR-ASC] TAROM Bombardier CS100 @Gaby_Burnei


these look awesome @Daniel_Cerritos! May I request a plane in the usps colors?

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This will be interesting. I am not really accepting requests, but I like a challenge (But not TOO much of a Challenge). The USPS, as in the United States Postal Service? I actually recall them having airplanes, it was the Boeing 727 and they operated a few of them before they discontinued air service.

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yeah they operated the 727 via other cargo carriers and yes the United States postal service

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