Daniel's Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 (Airbus A220 Series) Livery Thread

What do you use to make these liveries.

It says on the title

Adobe Illustrator CC 2018

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This was so cool to make, Can’t believe Swiss operates both the CS100 and CS300! Here she is, and the Registration is from a real CS300! I hope you like it @George :)

First CS300 livery made! Felt like I did well.

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I like to ask everyone,

how do you want the windows to look like?
Yello? or Grey?

Grey Windows

Yellow Windows

  • Yellow Windows
  • Grey Windows

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How about an erj-190 TUI

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You should just post on this

It is basically the same as this.


I can make one for the CS100 if you want. if not I’ll get a template for the E190 and do it that way (May take more time to create a new airplane from scratch)

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That is made with Various Software, I do mines exclusively on Adobe Illustrator.

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Can you make one for SAS?

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Sure! I’ll make it as soon as I have the time :)

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Can you do a SA Airlink?

Seems easy, only thing that may be difficult would be the bird, but sure! I’ll do it once I have the time

Others on that topuc make them on illustrator so these aren’t any different.

okay! I decided to make these. I know I should have done everyone’s request, but I had an idea. Not everyone will like it, but I hope you still like the concept of it :)

Also, No One requested this, I made these myself. Enjoy!

C-S300C A CS300 Cargo Airliner concept

N102FE FedEx CS300 Cargo Airliner concept

N304UP UPS Airlines CS300 Cargo Airliner concept

N337AZ Prime Air CS300 Cargo Airliner Concept (Made this for @Cbro4)

Please note this is only a Concept I made up, and is NOT a real thing unless Bombardier decides to actually make it in real life.

I hope you like them :)


Be good if you could do e190 plus then you can use that template for another time

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I will not accept request from here on out. Those who requested a Livery to be made will be made eventually. I will be making as many liveries as possible, that way I can Create the Liveries on the CS Series without being hurried to make another livery. If you do not see your livery (Example: Avianca or Alitalia), rest assured I will get to it eventually.

The main reason I will no longer accept airliner requests is because I feel the need to do it so I can fulfill your requests, and because it It Takes Time to Make the liveries and details. Please don’t be upset and I hope you can understand what I am saying

This is not to say I will not accept requests, I Will Accept Requests Only for PRIVATE and Custom liveries along with YOUR live Registration

With that out of the way, Here is another Cargo CS300 Airliner I have created. Enjoy!
[G-DHLF] DHL Bombardier CS300F Cargo Airliner Concept


I’m back to doing passenger liveries for the CS100 and CS300
Here is a Delta CS100! Delta has 75 CS100 on order, and they are to begin delivery later this year. Hope to see Delta fly their CS100 to my hometown of Manchester :)

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I hope you like it!

I don’t know if you are allowing these, but is there a chance you could do a Frontier CS? Always curious what their livery would look like on one of them new fangled bombards.

The Thing about Frontier is the Animals in the tail. Something like that is VERY hard for me to do, as I don’t have the skill level to do it, but If I do do it, It WILL take time and effort to do. Or I can just google a random animal and slap it on the tail.

I have no issues of doing the “Frontier” part, but the tail is really hard to perfect.

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I am not a man to question you’re talents. If you want to slap an old photoshop for the tail and just work on the photo I am not going to complain.

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