Daniel's Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 (Airbus A220 Series) Livery Thread

Hello Everyone! I have decided to make my own topic featuring Airplanes and Liveries I make in Adobe Illustrator.

I use Templates to make the airplane first, and I would like to show you all the layers, and it is very important to have them all in their own Separate Layers so nothing goes wrong, and so you don’t mess anything up while doing liveries or anything important :)

Today’s Adobe Illustrator Airplane is a Simple Bombardier CS100, with the Registration N123IF, which is my Live Registration, and my own Personal Registration as well.


I am open to requests, but I have limits when it does come to designing liveries, so any complicated liveries (Such as Special Liveries and Liveries like Alaska Airlines) Can take a lot of time, which is why I tend to avoid them and instead make simple liveries, and Some special liveries.

A Request may take a couple of hours to days and even weeks to complete due to the fact I have Work and a Life to attend to.

Thank you, and I hope to make many liveries on Multiple Aircraft :)

Template Used:

Source: » Bombardier CS100 (Airbus A220-100) blank illustration templates


Nice! Can I request you to make a CS100 with Porter Airline’s livery? It was an aircraft they were supposed to buy, but long story short it was cancelled (I believe).


Sure, It is a bit of a complicated livery, but I’ll give it a try


Can you attempt to try the All Black Air New Zealand Livery on the 777-300?

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I can try, I will have to get a template on the 777-300ER first, and that will take time, so I will do that when I have a chance


I’d love it if you gave the new Air Canada livery on the a350!

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Sure, Air Canada is easy! As the same with the B777, I’ll have to get a template first so I can do a livery :)


The first ever requested Livery Completed! Had to figure out the Porter pattern, but in turn, here it is! The Registration, C–GLQH, is from a Dash 8 in the Porter Fleet

Thanks for the Livery Request @MisterButler !

Time for me to go to bed now, it’s 12am!

22 Layers in total

used my own created CS100


Could you try the Air Canada livery for the CS300? (2017 livery)


@MisterButler was the one who requested it…

@Connor_Seymour requested the ANZ 777

Lol @Daniel_Cerritos yes, I requested the POE livery. But I love it! Very nicely done - looks just like the real thing

Oooh, I’m so sorry! I was dead tired from being up last night, and I happen to see his post. I’ll fix it later when I get back from work

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Hey guys, I’ll be doing one airplane tonight. I’ll be doing @Evan’s Air Canada CS100 tonight. I have lots of free time on Sunday, so I’ll be doing more airplanes then! :)

Currently at work. Hello!


I’m starting your CS100 now.

I’d like to know if anyone wants any Cargo Airliners to be made, specifically the MD-11F

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@Evan This one was actually fun to make. I had to be creative with the Air Canada Logos.
Thanks for the Request!

C-GHPQ is from a Boeing 787 :)
Layers (23 total)


Could you make a Korean air on the CS100?? If that’s too hard a tigerair would be awesome!

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I’ve actually done a Drawing on it here, but as a CS300:

But I’ll certainly do it, as it’s a very easy Livery.

Thanks so much!! Btw that drawing is amazing!!

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That looks AMAZING! Thanks for the livery :D


It’ll be a difficult task, but I will attempt @Connor_Seymour’s Request Sometime next week. I’ll do @Etrain’s request sometime this weekend, as well as @TheCoolPilot’s Request this weekend as well.

The CS100 seems to be a popular option, so do not hesitate to request Your very own Private Livery with your Live Registration Here!