Danielacooper's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED. GOOD DAY] [TS1]

Hopefully this thread won’t be on here long - can’t wait to control on Expert!
For now, I’m open at KSNA on the training server. Runway’s only 5700 ft long - 767s or smaller please!

I’ll come on down and visit!

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METARS was unavailable, just went according to ATC menu colors.

@Danielacooper Are you still open? I’m on my way!

Sure am! Using runways 25.

You got them right. 170@something. You are very good! I don’t have anything bad to say. I would have stayed longer but I have to eat breakfest. Also, sorry for the go around message. You cleared me for the option when I was going to click “left downwind, full stop”.

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Great job! Thanks for the ATC. Very windy out there today! :)


Thanks for coming out and for the feedback. It was a lot of fun! Now closed.


Open at LEMD. Come on out!
Looks like someone jumped on departure. If you’re remaining in the pattern, stay on tower. If departing, I’ll hand you off to departure. Thanks!
EDIT: Now closed. Thanks.

you staying open for a few patterns ? //corp211

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nice job, nice rwy change / new pattern entry and then sequencing

Just hang around I can probaly make it in about 2 hours

Thanks. Having 4 runways helps!

I would love to. Getting off here, though. :(

you re-sequenced i think pr01 behind me which was good. But you should have then cleared me # 1 to land 18R. I had to report i was on final for 18R.

Who is your Recruiter if you have one yet ? Message me directly if you like

I was on the fence about whether to clear you for 1 then saw you turned base. You’re right.
Unfortunately, I have already contacted the best recruiter I could find, @anon66442947 . ;)

Ground and Tower at Schiphol for a bit.

Edit: Closed. Thanks for coming out!

Very good controlling! Nothing to ad! Next time you’re on the tower I’ll come back to do some patterns for sure! Cheers, KLM44

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Ground and tower at Sochi Intl. What a gem! Black Sea and snow capped mountains!

Open @ KATL for a little bit