Daniel14 TS2 ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

I am beginning my journey in learning ATC I would like to here constructive comments, or complaints (whatever floats your boat) to help me refine to have a better experience. I will post here when opened in the following format:

Planned open time
Planned closed time
Suggested Aircraft

Thank you to anyone who helps me (I’m very begginer with this so bare with me but learning more everyday)

Been pushing off posting this for quite some time now…


buoyancy floats my boat.

Sorry I’ve been waiting for someone to say that my entire life 😂


Totally fine I’ve been looking for a time to use it 😂


Ground & Tower (possibly)
7:30 (Pacific)
8:00 (Pacific)
SWA 737, F9 A320, China Airlines 777, FedEx MD11 777F DC10, and Alaska 737.

I will try my best!

Now closed was unable to go for the whole planned time

Ground & Tower
Start: NOW
End: 3pm pacific time
Any GA, or Boeing aircraft

Please come on out would love to see some of you 😊

I can definitely help you with this. Are you interested in becoming apart of the IFATC in the future?

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Yes I was indeed thinking of joining IFATC in the Future.

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Can we talk in a PM? Thanks

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Yeah, I’ll pm you in a few

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Opening at KVCV so come out for some patterns!

Ground, Tower
30 minutes maybe 45 minutes
Cirrus, blank 787

Due to nobody coming I decided to close

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