Hello everyone! I am currently in the process of joining IFATC and just passed my written exam with a score of 96!!! I am currently in training for the practical exam and hope to pass as soon as possible!

Thanks everyone!

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Forgot to say: Pattern work is encouraged!!

Currently open!

Closed due to minimal traffic so hopefully I’ll try again on another day.

tag me next time and i’ll come by!

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Sure, thanks!

Please tag next!

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Will do!!!

I’ll update everyone when I have a location/time sorted out!!

Opening very soon at about 2021-08-05T21:00:00Z!!! @KFAT

Runways in use: 29L, 29R (T/L)

Note: I won’t see any messages after the starting time because I’ll be controlling on this device.

Tags for people who requested them: @RyanR @BAK_UOV


I got a call in the middle, I’m going again

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Thanks for the wonderful service!

You did great,

See you in IFATC soon :)

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Status: Now Closed.

Thank you so much to everyone who joined!! I really appreciate it!

You were very good, next time I’ll take a quieter plane so as not to cause too much conflict!

It’s good for me to see the training, I also applied, but I haven’t passed

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Thank you so so much that means a lot!! :)

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No worries, all planes are allowed :)

Thank you so much for joining, I wish you the best of luck on your journey, and I’m beyond happy that I was able to give you some experience of the training!!!

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Status: opening very soon!

If you would like to join be sure to let me know!
Thanks everyone!

Status: Currently Open!!

Status: Now closed.
Thank you to everyone who joined including the person who’s callsign was “Easy 8”!