DaniBen010’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey, welcome to my ATC thread, i’m applying for IFATC soon so if anyone can help me Practice my ATC it means a lot first of all i’m going to go to a nice airport in Europe.

Airport - Sion (LSGS)
Dep RWY - 25
Arr RWY - 25
Online for - 30:00 Mins
Remaining in Pattern Allowed
Training Server

Thanks for anyone who can attend :)

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coming in for some patterns

thanks, have fun :)

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Oops misread the clearance

don’t worry its fine lol, not much traffic so it doesnt matter XD

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Are you still open? I’ll swing by for a few patterns if you are.

closing in 2 mins, will do another one in around 30 mins for sure if your available :)

OK, I’ll come a different time.

no problem :D

Alright I’m gonna give you some tips:

  • When it doesn’t matter which runway is used (no winds, no terrain), don’t send the only plane on the field to the runway that’s furthest away from him.
  • Don’t send messages too early, for example: you told me to enter right base runway 25 while I just took off
  • When someone doesn’t follow instructions, send an “please follow instructions” warning instead of “please disregard last message”
  • Don’t tell someone to turn right after landing when there is no taxiway on the right
  • When someone remains in the pattern, it’s better to clear him for “the option” when possible

Hope to see you on expert one day! :)

Thanks, i’ll remember that :)
I applied for expert server but i got ghosted 2 weeks ago which is really annoying.
Thanks for everyone who came.
And @Toon your landings can be viewed here - https://youtu.be/66Dq88bM3tg

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Oh wow cool! Thanks!

ignore the music on the second landing, i was listening to spotify while doing ATC 😂

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You can’t send please follow instructions on training server…

Everyone plz come this guy needs YOU

OPEN AT GCTS - Training Server, thanks in advance to anyone who comes :)

Here is a short feedback.

First of all: The overall performance was pretty good. I always knew what you wanted me to do and I could see that you had a plan which is always a good sign.
But there are also some (mostly minor) things you could work on to improve your perfomance even more.

  • The first one is not that important but can save you a little bit of time. When you have an aircraft doing touch and goes, there is usually no need to send a line up and wait command to the aircraft holding short. Usually the aircraft performing the T&G is already airborne by the time the second aircraft enters the runway.
    So just save yourself some time and directly clear the aircraft holding short for takeoff. This is especially helpful when it gets busier. ;)
  • The second problem I have seen is that you sometimes seem to forget about an aircraft.
    There was an aircraft on final and I was on downwind. You both cleared us as number one which might be a bit confusing. Always double check how many aircraft are in front of the aircraft you want to clear.
  • The third and last thing I would encourage you to work on is the use of the “I’ll call your base” command.
    Just send this command a little bit later and you don’t have to deal with any speed instructions, which again saves you some time and also makes it easier for the pilots.

This is it. I hope I could help you a bit and just keep practicing :)

Have a nice day!

thanks so much for coming and all the feedback, the reason for the second one is that after take off you turned to downwind quickly and the other guy did a longer pattern, so i thought that you would have to land first so i gave you number 1 and corrected him to 2

Thanks :)

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