Dangerous traffic ⚠️

Yesterday, during arrival in Cairo, Egypt. 4th leg of the Infinite Flight World Tour

Feat. @Skymaster1

This is one of the best parts of this event. Finding so many users at the same time and sometimes flying next to each other. I’m always excited when I can see another player from the cockpit.

This was my first time flying in African territory. The scenery is amazing.

Can’t wait for the legs in Brazil.


I was the HECA tower controller. We had some issues with coordinating with center and approach, but we tried to get you all as sorted out as possible!

You probably were arriving as Approach service cut out (their game crashed) so everything descended into pure chaos for 5 minutes. Sorry about that and hope you enjoyed your flight 😅


Control was great! It was nice to fly so close to another plane for a few moments and it didn’t affect my experience hehe.

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that first shot would be an awesome loading screen!


Ooh nice! Lovely photos :).

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Glad to hear that, I was the approach controller in question, at one point we had a little issue with the arrivals, nevertheless the fun just kept on coming, I hope I did not delay your flight by too much.


No problems! it was very funny. Guaranteed me a nice wallpaper photo hehe.

Nice one! I was at the back of the line and everyone (including myself) were cruising at M.85 to catch up lol 😂 and I was at the very very back

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I confess that I stepped on the accelerator and set the speed to M.86 😂


Hi !
That was a great flying moment ! I also saw your aircraft very close to mine for a long time berore we land 😃.
Very nice screenshot ! Glad to fly again with this evening !

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