Dangerous Takeoff, Dangerous Landing

So, much like my usual flights out, decided to do a short - haul flight on the A320. Never one to shrink from a challenge, I stretched to two challenges for this particular short-haul route that is flown by Indigo Flight 45 ; VIDP - VNKT on the expert server.

Now the one thing Delhi is currently notorious for is the smog that blankets it; which sometimes is so bad that flights are delayed, diverted or cancelled. Sure enough, when I started at VIDP on the Expert server I could just about make the center line while taxiing out in the A320.

Visibility cut it close to the bare minimum at 125 meters by the time upong lining up at the runway, so rolled for takeoff. And I don’t mind admitting, without instruments this climbout was very disorienting.

So it was a relief to have a VFR-worthy clear sky just past 3000 ft, upon which I began the northeast turn to VNKT and climbing to cruise at FL320

Apart from some light turbulence in between, all went well throughout the cruise.

Now, I think any aviator knows that for an ideal approach to an airfield based in mountainous terrain would usually be the stepped approach. So, without any charts (and only the knowledge that airport’s elevation was at 4395 ft), decided to play this in what I called 3-2-1; Basically a descent to FL300, then FL200,

then down to FL100,

before a slam dunk approach once I cleared the mountains south of RWY 02.

Apart from being one of the few times I had to deploy spoilers in flight to slow for landing, touched down safely

If you made it here, thanks for taking the time to read :).


Nice pics.

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Thank you :)

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Nice pictures! Can’t wait for clouds so you can’t see the airport when you are above the smog/cloud blanket like you can in your 3rd pic!

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Yeah exactly :)

I have done the exact same flight, maybe the same day, with the same plane and wheather. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!
Great shots as well.

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Thank you very much :) I did indeed…and am hungry for more such flights 😊

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Wow nice pics! I hope weather at Delhi gets better. It’s really bad.
BTW if you will be doing that flight again, I recommend you to follow this chart for a non precision approach into VNKT
images (3)

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Thanks a lot :)

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Looks like a cool flight

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Nice one 😎

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Thank you, it was :)

Thanks a lot 😊

Awesome Pictures! Keep this up!

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Much appreciated :)

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How did you get the under the wing view?

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I didn’t …it’s the landing gear (bottom) view…pan the camera left then and zoom in a bit to the wing :)