Dangerous takeoff clearance?

Hello all,

Let me start by saying I truly appreciated all that IFATC does and love flying under their control.

I am looking for some clarification about what I perceived to be a dangerous loss of separation today at CYYZ.

I was on short final to runway 5, only a few hundred feet agl, when an aircraft was cleared for takeoff on runway 33R, an intersecting runway. When I touched down on runway 5, the conflicting traffic was still on its takeoff roll on 33R. Why wasn’t the other aircraft’s takeoff clearance cancelled when it was clear they were starting their roll late? If I had landed long, or needed to go around, this would have been a very dangerous situation.

Thanks for the insight!


Hey mate,

Please contact @Darius_Glover to discuss. He was the controller at the time, and should be happy to help.


Maybe the controller thought u would slow down quicker and exit the runway because you are using an GA aircraft and it would not interfere with the 33R aircraft


That’s why we need LAHSO 🙃


Hey, man. DM me. I’ll explain what happened.


Will continue via PM