Dangerous Solo Activities at Courcheval (LFLJ)

Ohh, so you think that you can take off out of LFLJ with an A321? It’s possible.
The picture is a WIZZ A321-200 lining up on runway 05 on LFLJ.
Solo flight, around 21:30Z, LFLJ, LFLJ (Circling)



I flew from courchevel to basel once but that was with a TBM ahah glad you survived


Aircraft Carrier takeoff.

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some people do not like when I make the same comment in the majority of the photos, I could just like it, but the comments are to encourage those who take pictures, and when it is very beautiful my commentary will be very different to express how much I liked, but when it’s simple I say beautiful photo, and if it’s not cool I do not do anything, so in this photo I say beautiful photo.

I took off with A320. So I think that A321 should cope.