Dangerous Operations at EGKK

I want to report dangerous ATC operations happened yesterday at EGKK in Expert Server.
I was coming in after a 14 hours flight from VHHH and when handed off to Tower frequency I noted that the active ATC controller at that time was giving very dangerous take off and line up clearances while I was on final.
It cleared for an immediate takeoff a 787 while I was on 4mile Final, and after it cleared an A220 to line up and wait and then immediately cleared it for immediate takeoff while I only was at the 2mile final; that resulted in a rejected Take Off for him and I called for a GoAround.
I understand that with heavy loads of traffic It becomes hard to cope with it, but in Expert Server things like this should not happen with trained ATC.

I don’t know if this is the right category for this complaint but I read a yesterday topic from another pilot complaining about questionable decision by Tower ATC at EGKK. @Brucelee



I apologise for your service, on behalf of the ATC team; it’s not what we hope to hear from pilots. I would suggest that you create a PM with moderators so they can have a look into it for you and assess what action should be done after this. Alternatively, you can message the IFATC controller you tagged and review what happened mutually.

Kind regards,


Thank You! I’ll PM the moderators and have a chat with them because the guy I tagged made a post about EGKK that had the same problems and complaints as me due to questionable Tower ATC decisions on take offs and line ups.

thank you again.


Op advised on how to proceed in @Kyle’s reply.