Dangerous flying

Good day IFC,

I am currently flying from WMKK to NZAA and there is a pilot doing very low flyby’s. During my takeoff roll he was only at 200ft AGL.

If possible, Could ATC hop in and ghost?
Thank you

Instead of that, let yourself tap on the player on the map and go to its information. Then press the report button, other players should be doing this. I even caught a Spitfire doing Mach 3/4 by Singapore.

That was Chicken. A mod in the SPIT

The report button has no functionality anymore

Is it really lacking function? I remember hearing that multiple players reporting one is giving a system ghost. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I know that too from the old IF, but so far I know the function got removed completely. Its like just a button for fun i guess

A free button for pressing when you’re bored eh?

You didnt get me there, meant that they didnt remove it yet if it really has no functionality anymore

If it was a mod it would have a purple name tag not a green and yes the report button does not work unless you are a mod really. People abused it and so it was taken away

Taken care of.