Dangerous flying

Good day pilots
Is there anyway to report a crazy “””@ Pilot on here? Not to get anyone into trouble but just had a near miss with a Delta flt.920 A330 over northern Scotland today. The aircraft was oscillating wildly from between FL270 and up to FL315. He/she did not make any attempt to change altitude or course, as such I went all the way up to 370 out of sheer terror 😆 had you seen this you’d be laughing but wow that was too close. I don’t think they were aware of my location.
Just one of the little things that make this an amazing sim

What server did it happen?

If it happened on the training server there is nothing you can do about it unfortunately.

Casual server.

In the Casual Server there are no rules meaning you can do anything you want.

Alright. Just wondering. Some pilots haha!

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Which server then would this be a problem ?

in the Training and Expert Servers, you could get violations for overspeeding and aerobatic maneuvering near an active airport, this also applies to the Expert Server, but unlike the Training Server, if you do get in trouble, you might get ghosted.

Thanks. I don’t believe that a/c was trying to go nuts, but the alt. Changes were significant.
Btw. I’m not sure what ghosting even is ? haha

Ghosting is when you are reported by a IFATC controller(Expert Server) or a Moderator(any server). If you get ghosted, you are restricted from the Expert Server for 7 days.

Ok. Great thanks

You’re welcome :)


Another one in the same morning. 😮 just now. Unaware or not. That Ac went red it got so close 😬😬

Top of image… 😅

Yes in casual there are no rules and however people should remain respectful. KLAX however is another story. I call it Trollport on casual lol.

Hehe that’s good I like it. Been thru once, I found I believe in CYVR some numpty flew right over perhaps 100ft lol. ( F35)
Also today and MD-11F flying 337kt but remaining at 200 ft asl the whole time I watched.
I have to ask what the…
And why do I see some airliners cruising at 1400kt… has anyone seen this before ? Some kind of 767!

KNUC is where I dangerously fly and do stunts and test flights. It used to be horrifying before Global came out but now it is practically empty.

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