Dangerous East Coast Weather/Aircraft

I just want to give a shoutout to ATC’s along the eastern seabord right now. The weather here is insane right now, and most of these planes are still far enough away from their destination to be connected to New York/Boston centers and various other ones. I’m very impressed with how they handle holding patterns.

Inbound planes holding near Providence
Many other inbound aircraft being diverted to longer arrival routes to try and let the storms move out. The TAM probably heading back to Toronto.

A Lufthansa B748 taking a chance and flying the outskirts of the line of storms, probably diverting elsewhere, maybe Philadelphia, along with other planes to the west holding over Mahattan.


Yeah, it was raining hard here a couple minutes ago. Hope all the pilots land safely! :)

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A bunch of planes being diverted to Boston.

Multiple bigger airliners circle a regional jet, trapping it in a small circle with nowhere to go.


OMG! In my city? I wish I was at the airport right now!


The weather is nuts outside now

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They always have permission from Canada to land at CYFC we have big enough runways for the 748

Thing is, Boston can only accept a minimal number of aircraft. There’s not too many parking spaces for all the aircraft incoming

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Well, some people are having a bad day


Kudos to BOS ATC for sequencing all of these aircraft

We can except 4 if it’s empty(from all the big aircraft)

Looks like KBOS ATC has them sitting on inactive runways on the east end of the airport

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