Dangerous approach at Cusco

1) Background to the photos
We all know that Paro Airport in Bhutan has a very dangerous approach, but there is also a place just like that in South America. Alejandro Velasco Astete Airport is the airport that serves the city of Cusco, and it is an interesting one. The airport is surrounded by mountains, and the short runway makes it even more challenging. Today I flew from Lima to Cusco in the LATAM A320.
2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Flight time: 01:08hrs
Server: expert
**3) Photos


Not bad, that’s some nice scenery. I’ve gotta go explore down there sometime.

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Yeah, I think those mountains are part of the Andes as well.

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Oh trust me it’s 10 times worse at night, true story from my end. But it’s a very nice flight with scenic views

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@Lucas_Piedra Ik, but was easier because of the instruments. I used autopilot until final so it wasn’t too bad. Also you flew there irl?

No not IRL but in IF. Really dark and was before the instruments on the 320.

I couldn’t even land in skiathos without having to go around and even then I barely made it on the runway

Is that a real route? I’d love to find the flight number and try it out!

For a sec I thought you were landing with another aircraft on the runway lol


This looks like a very cool route to try

nice shots!

You say danger I say I like it! I will be trying this later :)

Very nice pictures :)

Nice pics! Looks like some great fun and scenery. I think I should go explore down there sometime…

I remember being introduced to this airport a few weeks back thanks to it being ATC featured and it is indeed an amazing approach that requires attention, not just aiming for the cone.

Nice scenery there! How does the approach look like?

Good shots, I have to fly there sometime, looks like some great scenery. ;)

Fantastic shots all around! Well done!

@ORF_AV8TOR It’s ok, takes practice I guess. I tried to land on paro three times and every time I crashed into a mountain.
@Alec Yes this is a real route, I’ve seen someone flying this before, I couldn’t remember the Callsign though. It’s probably suspended now.
@Highlander24 Lol I would never let that happen on expert
@Frequentfliyer Yeah especially with the stunning scenery.
@ashton_chia Thank you! :)
@Luke_King-kong LOL I bet there are plenty of places like this you could try then.
@Mr-plane-guy1 Yes it was amazing.
@JayIOM Yes indeed. I’m tired of flying out of VHHH and KJFK and WSSS, these kind of interesting places is what needs to be featured!
@TheKnP_KK The approach I took looks like this

although there are some different ones to choose from.
@RileyBozina Thanks! I think there are some nice places in South America, but this is probably the best one.
@Sashaz55 Thank you! This is the first time an IFATC replied to my topic. :)
Woah that’s a lot of replies


I’m an IFATC too so two IFATC have replied to your topic 😉

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I would love to try out the route since im interesting into places that are unique