Dan’s IFC Anniversary

Hey guys as some of you guys probably know but today is @Dan’s Anniversary go down the comments and wish him a happy ifc anniversary!


Happy Anniversary @Dan !!!

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Happy Cakeday Dan!

Thank you :)


Happiest of Cake days to our one and Only @Dan

Cheers from 4° C Wyoming

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Someone should make a topic for me too on Jan 29th


Yeah let’s start making these topics for everyone 🤪

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You’re most welcome, I owe you one after you wished me happy birthday :)

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Yay! Happy Cake Day @Dan ! Enjoy the virtual cake!

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How about noOoOOoO

Actually maybe

Don’t mind me real quick…

Happy cakeday Ksisky, MannyG, affabletenet22, Raidon23(!), TheExDid_HD, jakcharvat, SwissCrow, PeterCLE, Ace_YukiNeko, Skinate, Archie_Branchflower, HelloSkyMan, MaciMDpl, CommonAvionics, DetroitAviationHD, palms_aviation, Brenton_Dykes, SRF789, Captain_Draco, Capt_Sam_R, TheGreatPilots, Joshua_Martel, Echosierra, briz112909, Elias_Liora, Sander_Kiviselg, airplaneboi, Karyss, Da-la_nay, Flame220, Stefanpiont, Lol969_14, Enrique14, Inecita_E, Ruaridh_McInnes, JustinWiratomo, Hussnly_Tinwala, FreeHK, Alberto_Trigo_CMS, ebanuelos, Einyel_Cruz, Lim_Ian, Iloveif, Zac_Megwa, John1, IFCA-Macky, Mark_Wareham, Zhanghan_Xu, Pegasusmat, jfranco76, Waffle, Asante_Bischel, Sri_Lesta, Kevin_Calabrese, CMDT_Fernandes, Charles_Gagne, Clem_Lanor, Aboubacar_Sylla, igorgolanko, Jaylen_the_boss_Curr, Stevo2990, Vamsi_Krishna1, Ranbir_Saini, Lennox_TUTTLE, cpt_fightclub, Emmanuel, J350, Satwant_Oberoi, Akhtar_Prasetyohadi, Itashi19, Superman_Gamer, benjamin_prieto, quest_Most, Mads, phzin, Patrix_Lanen, emrebirol, katie_moranty, BasicPro36, Helvy_Henrick, Tyler_Callejon, Lucas_Zow, John_Paul_Maico, Attir_Ahmad, user153, Wadie_Abdi, Blackout, and everyone else whose usernames I’m too lazy to type out.

My typing fingers are sore.


Let’s start doing this everyday, developer, moderators dan, do you guys agree?

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Please don’t.

Lol, everyone’s fingers would be sore

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It’s not my cake day

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Have a good happy birthday 🎂dan 👍🏻👋🏻🇵🇦


It’s not my cake day.

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Dan, Happy Anniversary 🎉🥳🎈

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happy IFC anniversary @ Dan

since you are staff I shouldn’t tag you 🙂

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