Dan Gryder and GA Training

I’m not sure how many have seen Dan Gryder on various channels really pounding some basic safety principals we do not get enough of in GA but he did some great videos with blancolirio and flight chops. If we could drill some of these basics in GA any part 101 pilot can recite without thinking there would be a significant reduction in accidents. He is not selling anything but seems to be on a good mission. I know he lost a student and friend to a recoverable scenario in the past down south but whatever drives him these are easy things to think about and train.
The blancolirio video today @blancolirio

And flight chops @flightchops

I think the aviation 101 videos are coming shortly


I saw the iconic face of FlightChops and smiled.


I haven’t watched flightchops in awhile, I should!

Dunno what FlightChops is but I guess I should watch it :p

Aviation 101 takes longer to edit and put videos out but here is his teaser for the series with Dan

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