Damage and random anomalies

Infinite flight is an extremely realistic flight sim for mobile devices, and is very fun to fly. But when we were all starting off, we rolled back our engines and simulated a water landing, landed without gear to see what would happen, and flew into other planes in the F/A-18. But what if you climb out of KLAX and your plane hits a flock of geese?

Fun challenge, right?

I would think many people would agree that it would be fun to add;

-random engine failures
-bird strikes
-the plane falls apart at a certain limit for overspeeding
-the plane falls apart from excessive gee’s
-random landing gear won’t come down
-loss of hydraulic power
-plane will stall if exceeded service ceiling

I’m sure you all have ideas, and please include them in the comments!

What do you think? Would you want this to be added?



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