Dallas 🇺🇸to Sydney 🇦🇺

Hello, 👋🏻 my IFC friends. It is time for me to do my Flight review today.🙂 I will review the flight from Dallas 🇺🇸 to Sydney, 🇦🇺flight number QF8. Our flight covers a distance of 13,810 km. Qantas operates the -9 dream liner on this route. The project Sunrise that Qantas is working on will replace the Dream liner, and the new A350K will take its place soon. Sunrise has gone into place. We will be in business class today, so we get access to the Qantas lounge in Dallas

The Qantas lounge menu is spectacular and perfect for anybody’s appetite. 🍽️ Also, in the shower 🚿 in their lounge, which I took before heading to the gate, I had cheese🧀 and sausage with a Brands.🍺 After enjoying a small snack and a beverage, it was time to head to my gate, D6

When I sat down at my seat, 💺 I was offer a pre-flight beverage.🥤 I opted for simple ice 🧊 water 💧 as there are lots to come. This came with a side of warm nuts. 🥜When I sat down, I was greeted with an amenity kit, which included a toothbrush 🪥 , toothpaste, a pair of eye shades, socks 🧦 , earplugs, lip balm, hand cream, and face cream. Also, sat a 16-inch screen in front of each passenger. More about that later

we pushed back on time. However, the airport was busy with other international flights leaving, so we pushed back and ended up staying on the apron for five minutes before we made our way to the runway. The taxi was somewhat quick, and there were no delays once we started moving. The dream liner has no shutter shades at the windows 🪟 and is “remotely” controlled. The only downside is that the flight attendants liked to dim and lock 🔒 them, which was unfortunate because Aviation enthusiasts like myself won’t be able to look outside as easily. Although it was nighttime 🌗, the flight attendant did not seem to agree. They would eventually unlock 🔓 them as we got closer to Sydney. Sydney is known for its iconic landmarks, such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge 🌁 . It is also known for its stunning beaches like Bondi Beach, 🏝️ which is famous for tourists, along with other attractions like museums, wildlife parks, and pristine beaches 🌊

We soon left and made our way west 🧭 towards the Pacific. There was a lot of turbulence, so the catering 🍽️service began a little later. The turbulence stopped as we passed Texas’s northern, western panhandle two weeks before your flight. You’re given a menu 📜of what will be offered on the flight. I opted for the chicken schnitzel and Swiss cheese toasted sandwich with coleslaw, which was excellent, tasty, and filling 😋. I wash this down with a Premium Australian beer 🍺 , which I’m sorry was disappointing 🙁on the menu they provided. The drinks are very vague and have funny names. It just wasn’t as rich as I would have liked. After the cam dessert, I got a delicious baked blueberry 🫐 crumble pie, 🥧 which you cannot go wrong with. After a very filling meal, I had to wait an hour to get into the laboratory to get into my Qantas pajamas. After that, I set up my bed and went to sleep. 🛌 As we flew over the far west of New Mexico, I had 11 hours of sleep. 💤 After giving myself time to wake up,🥱 I got my mid-flight snack, a croissant with berry jam–washed down with some water. While I was eating, I opened up the Enflite entertainment system and opened up the moving map feature 🗺️

The other options you can get are tail, bottom, and nose, along with an excellent selection of movies. 🎥 Internet service was $40 🤑 for the entire flight and was blazing fast,💨 which is perfect for me to get a few emails ✉️ done and watch a movie.🍿 The quality is excellent. It comes with Vivid colors, sharp fonts – and noise-canceling headphones 🎧 to match since it is an international long-haul. Time flew by at high speed, and before I knew it again, I could barely see the sun rising 🌅through those dimmed windows, so I opened up the tail feature on the screen in front of me

The sun rose 14 hours into the 17-hour flight 😁; before I knew it, it was mid-morning, and windows were unlocked. 🔓 I could finally open it up and look at the incredible Pacific Ocean.🌊

It was at this time that breakfast was served. I opted for a scrambled egg 🍳 dish with buttermilk and ricotta pancakes-Breakfast, and I washed it down with apple juice; 🧃 and I got to say this was one of the tastiest meals I’ve had on an airline, not including Delta, after being full from a spectacular breakfast, I went to the laboratory to wash up 🧼 and I began my Netflix show again

I finished my Netflix show by looking out the window and seeing the east coast of Australia 🇦🇺 I knew we were getting close, and we began our descent into Sydney from 40,000 feet. I was given an option for a pre-landing snack 🍫, but I decided not to get anything because I was still very full from that spectacular breakfast.

Shortly after we landed 🛬 in Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺, it was only a matter of time ⏳before I got off the Aircraft and explored 🔭 the area. The landing was, unfortunately, rough.😔 That could’ve just been because strong 💪🏻 winds were coming in from the west, and a storm ⛈️ was gathering up. We had a very short taxi to our gate, and the pilots sincerely apologized 🙏🏻for the landing. Qantas has gone above and beyond for their business, and catering from the flight attendants was incredibly fantastic. They were running around busy shortly after takeoff up until reaching the Pacific, getting everybody settled and accommodating everybody’s

This flight was impeccable and very exciting to do.😁 If you’re ever looking for a redeye and you live anywhere in North America, 🇺🇸this flight✈️ is a good redeye for anybody as the flight departs🛫 Dallas at 21:15. A special thing to @NonStopsAviation for excellent support As I did this flight🙏🏻 thank you, everybody, for sticking around up until here this flight review is being released two days later than I wanted to be released so there will be two this week if there are any suggestions for flights, you should do next I am always up for good suggestions thank you and have a good rest of your day

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17 hour flight


oh wow, those are amazing

great choice with the dreamliner 🤩


An while building those legos!


Yes, The Dream Liner is a spectacular aircraft and would be even better once The Carpet gets upgraded

Yep 😎

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Cannot wait for Dreamliner rework. Have been waiting for that since infinite flight’s first reworked aircraft release.


Ahh i remember when Qantas used the A380 on the DFW route, i miss that route!!


All we really need is a live cockpit at the very least

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we have one on the airbus neo


I was talking about the 787

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oh ok sorry


I have watched this flight land multiple time at DFW. My office used to be by the airport.


I love this! The was an amazing review!

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Hey! Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed my review. I alway try to make them as interesting and captivating as possible.

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It truly was! Before I saw the photos I thought it was an actually real-life review. The narrative was perfection!

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I appreciate it🙂