Dallas to Singapore: 19 hour flight

This is my longest flight in the game to date, a total of 19 hours and 20 minutes. Non-stop from Dallas (KDFW) to Singapore (WSSS). Some nice views along the way, with a slight fuel emergency at the end.
(Expert server, Singapore 17 Heavy)

And yes, I did have flaps out the whole cruise.


Leaving Dallas

Somewhere over British Columbia

Leaving Alaskan airspace

Flying over Seoul

Flying over Shanghai

Flying by the coast of Hong Kong

Flying near a coastal town in Vietnam

A smooth landing in Singapore


The “Flying Over Shanghai” screenshot is rather nice! Did you change altitude to take that picture? Keep up the good work. :)

Thanks! I was actually still cruising at FL370. I just zoomed in a ton to take the screenshot from another view in replay mode.

Great shots. love the views!

Only suggestion, nail the touchdown zone on arrival haha


Wow! From my viewpoint, I wouldn’t seem to see that much of PVG from 37,000ft. Almost like an illusion haha

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nice pictures

Just wondering:

Why were the flaps down the whole time?


Full tanks of fuel weren’t enough. And considering I still dont full understand stepclimbing, I did the next best thing, putting the flaps out. The amount of drag created from the aoa being 5 degrees, compared to 2 degrees outweighs the drag the flaps make.

What speed were you cruising at?

You gonna try the KJFK - WSSS flight. P.S those pics are great with nice IF graphics

Nice pictures…

Mach 0.85.

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I think you may of found the worlds new longest flight 😂

The current one is at 18 something hours

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