Dallas to Little Rock

This evening @N1DG and I flew from DFW-LIT. I flew the Airbus A320 operating as flight AA 1398 and he flew the CRJ operating as ASH5969. Our route was the ZACHH3 departure with the BSKAT transition the direct to the LIT VOR and then onto the ILS for runway 22L. We flew at an altitude of FL 290 . Down below are some shots of the flight.

N1DG bringing his CRJ on deck of 22L.

N1DG’s CRJ slowing down with full flaps and spoilers deployed.
On the taxiway Romeo after landing.

On the Tango Bridge waiting for our gates to open up.

At the gate. I was at Gate 5 and N1DG was at Gate 3.


Wow those are really cool!

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Guess you could say those photos are really LIT…

Apologies for the pun

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That isn’t the first time I’ve heard that pun and won’t be the last

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Bros who fly together tend to stick together.