Dallas Love/Joint Reserve Base spotting

Well I haven’t posted in forever, but I’ve been spotting the past couple days and thought why not make a topic. Hope y’all enjoy!

One out of handful of Southwest flights that managed to not be cancelled slowin down at Dallas Love

JSX E135 smokin up the runway

Delta Boeing 757 after a flight from White Plains

1 of 2 of Jerry Jones’ private jets(I have a pic of the other one but this one is better)

Ranger KC-130J takin off from JRB earlier this mornin

USAF C130 departing JRB

Embraer Phenom rotatin outta Love Field

Spads F16 de-arming after landing at JRB

Gulfstream zoomin down the runway at Dallas Love

Last but not least, a beautiful sunset+wing shot as I was flying out of Durango, CO


Wow nice shots! I really like the C130s

Hi Caleb you are so cool


@AndrewWu no u

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Nice I’m there right now skiing

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oh cool, i ski at wolf creek which is like an hour east. both places have good snow. i was in durango years ago and it was pretty nice.

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Nice we just skied powder at Purgatory today went to Wolf Creek in the summer but never skied there


That happened to me on Christmas
My family was going to Breckenridge but the flight got canceled. At least we still got to drive 14 hours there!

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yeah southwest is a mess right now. but i totally know what that drive is like! my family drives up to pagosa springs every year for break. it’s a beautiful town if you ever get the chance.

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This is so slay

thanks tyla

Lovely combination of commercial, private and military aircraft. Nice shots!



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